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220.7 (AWOL)


The Important Newspapers of
Tennessee, North Carolina
and South Carolina.

I am enclosing herewith copy of a recent order published at these Headquarters. It is requested that you give the same the widest circulation, with the further request that exchange papers published within the State will copy.

The object in view is that parents, relatives and friends of soldiers stationed at this camp will take the matter up and write to their soldier friends strongly advising them to avoid leaving camp without an authorized pass or furlough. The crime of desertion is on the increase. It is believed that many soldiers leave camp without any intentions at the moment of deserting, but after getting home, remain away, frequently at the instigation of those dearest to them and who ought to counsel them differently, so long a time that they are afraid to return for fear of dire punishment. The extreme penalty for desertion in time of war is death, and, although this drastic punishment has not been meted out up to the present time, there is no certainty that such action may not at any time be forced upon our humane Government. It is certain that many men leave here because of homesickness, frequently superinduced by doleful letters from their homes. It is the patriotic and humane duty of relatives to write cheerful letters to their soldier friends. We are in a struggle for our existence, and anything that distracts the soldier's mind from his great task and adds to his burdens, and which can be avoided, jeopardizes the lives of our soldiers and the safety of the nation.



Brigadier General, N. A.,

1 incl.