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Govr. of North Carolina Chapel Plate

These are to Signify unto Your Lordship His Majestys Pleasure that you provide and deliver to Arthur Dobbs Esqr. Governor of North Carolina Two Flaggons One Chalice a Patent and a Receiver to take the Offerings in, for the use of His Majestys Chapel there, not exceeding the Value of Eighty pounds And for so doing this Shall be your Lordships Warrant Given under my hand this 5th. day of February 1753 in the Twenty sixth Year of His Majestys Reign. 

Let this Warrant be executed Whitehall Treasury Chambers 14 Feb: 1753. 

J. Campbell 

To the Rt. Honble. the Earl of Breadalbane Master of His Majestys Jewell Office and in his absence to the rest of the Officers. 

This Warrant will amount unto Eighty pounds or there abouts.

£80 Robt. Mathew