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Decr. 8th 1834

I certify that Thomas Robeson the declarant resided near to me, & to my knowledge was infirm aged & [illegible] assailed with disease that at the time of making his declaration & up to the time of his death was incapable of giving a satisfactory account of his Revolutionary services, that after he had made out the foregoing declaration, on more mature reflection he gave the information upon which I wrote to Secretary Hill & obtained the certificate which accompanies, remarked that he was enlisted for three years or the war and was under a Capn Taylor part of his time. The universal belief in the neighbourhood was & to that He sd Robeson was a soldier, & I entertain no doubts thereof & that the certificate of Mr Hill, applied to him, I further more know that sd Robison is dead, & left a widow who is destitute of property

John Blair m.c