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State of South Carolina
Pickens District}

Personally appeared before me FNGarvin a Justice assigned to keep the Peace in and for the District of Pickens and State affore said William Guest and made oath in due form of Law and on his oath saith that by reason of old age and consequently Loss of memory he can not swear positively to the precise Lenghth of his service but according to the best of his recolection he served not Less than the periods stated below and in the follow grades to wit a private he entered the service in the summer of 1777 under Capt. Elijah Isaacs in North Carolina Wilks County and was garisoned at fort Isaacs in Wilks County North Carolina and served there three months guarding the fort whilst the North Carolina troops were on Expedition against the Indians he next entered the service in March 1779 under Capt. Moses Guest a volunteer meet at Wilks Court house North Carolina and was there reviewed by the field officers of that county Col. Cleaveland and Maj Herndon and was in the service untill June 1780 which was one year and three months during that time he was not at home more than seven days at any one time and ^not^ more than twelve times he thinks that he was not at home so much but is certain not more in June 1780 he returned home and stayed not more than ten days he then was mached to the Catawba and there joind Col. Benj. Cleaveland and continued in actual service untill October was in the Battle of Kings Mountain from there he was sent by Col. Cleveland with his mess mate Joseph Reed that was wonded to a Dotor on the Catawba he then joined the army and march on to the Moravan town with the prisioners and stayed there three weeks when he was ordered back to take care of Joseph Reed his wounded mess mate he then took him home and waited on him and nursed him untill June 1781 he was order out by Col. Cleaveland under Capt. Guest after the tories and was six weeks out in that tour he then was at home a bout two weeks he then was order[e]d to join Genl. McDowel in an expedition against the Indians and was quartered at Cathies fort on the head of the Catawba six weeks he could not get supplies and was there discharged for want of education he can not recollect dates precisely buy the facts are as above stated as nearly as he can recollect


William X Guest


Sworn to before me this 10th March 1834
FNGarvin J.P.

I William L. Keith Clerk of the Court of Pickens District do Certify that F. N. Garvin is a Magistrate as within stated & the signature within is genuine. Given under my hand and seal of the Court 13th. March 1834

William L. Keith
Clerk of the Court
Pickens District