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Wednesday Night Feb 22nd 1854

Exactly a week tonight since I wrote in my journal, I find something else to be done every night—and now I should be writing to Uncle, but I feel like every idea was gone—how I spent last Thursday I cannot say, oh, I believe I worked all day—Friday evening I finished Mr Engelhard’s slippers—late in the evening Mother and I walked down town—to get a box &c to fix up the slippers, sent them off Friday night—After tea, Dr Tucker and Mr John Grimes, who had just arrived, called to see us. I talked nearly all the evening to Mr Grimes, we wrote a note, such a one! to Mr Engelhard, sending him something for his sore finger, and such a mess as we did make it, I hope Mr E. may never see it, I was fearful Mr Grimes would send it off—I told him he must not do it—Mollie and he left for Pitt Monday morning—I called to see Mollie Saturday but she was not at Cousin Sallie’s—I went up to the school, and spent an hour or so very pleasantly—the roads are so bad, we have to go way round to get there—I went shopping a little met Mr Grimes and begged him not to send that note—Dr Tucker gave me a pound, of delightful french candy—

Saturday evening I had the tooth-ache pretty badly went to bed with it—Sunday still had the tooth-ache so much that I spent the whole day in my wrapper—I am so sleepy me, me—Min and Nannie came Saturday night, I would like to see them, and must go soon, Monday I cannot tell what I did do not much of any thing, and did not feel very well—Monday night what should I receive but a long letter from ___ ___ to my utter astonishment—I was sorry when I read it, to find its contents, where what they were—for I never loved him in my life, and I am sure, I never can, although I respect him, and would prize his friendship—I answered it immediately letting him know how I felt—Monday night—I mean Tuesday I spent in fixing, and setting, my room to order, for it wanted it badly, it had not received a general one since my return—I found it a pretty troublesome task, did not finish ‘til late I the evening. Wednesday (today) I got up quite late, did not get down ‘til ½ 11—I received a nice long letter from Cousin Jesse this morning, he thought “better late than never”—he enclosed me a note from Mr Engelhard, thanking me for the slippers, it was nearly all in poetry, and a very nice little note—I received a short letter from Cousin Sarah, tonight—I must commence answering some of my letters soon—I receive a mighty nice long one from Aunt Lizzie last week—Mother and I went over to see Mrs Lemay, and Mrs Seawell, this evening, and then walked down town, did a little shopping, and came home—Sister Ann who is all ready for bed, is talking so much, that I cannot write—I had such a strange dream last night, Aunt Mary sent me up, a ring she had made for me out of little Cousin Annie’s hair, I prize it so much, she was such a sweet little child I did love her so well, I could not have it fixed nicely here so I am going to have it sent North—I hope it will not rain tomorrow, for I am so tired of rain—