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Well here it is Sunday Evening and again I am seated, with the hope of finishing way back to Sunday to-day two weeks—felt so badly, did not go to church in the morning—in the evening Mr Engelhard came out, and walked to Church with me—we had no sermon (first Sunday in the month) Marg Haywoods baby was baptized—did not come directly home or rather walked on by, up by Mrs Rork—that walk I will never forget for truly “There are moments in life we never forget Which brighten and brighten as time steals away”—

I forgot to say that Mr Joe Wright Sunday morning—After our return from walk, Mr Engelhard proposed going to the grave yard, to see Mr Lacy’s monument, which had been erected by the Di Society—it commenced raining, and we had to hasten home—(it only continued a few moments however.)  Mr Engelhard stayed to tea—Mr Cobb said he was coming out, and would return with him if he would stay—Mr Cobb did not come—don’t know why and am sure care very little—Mr Engelhard left about 11 o’clock—started for Pitt Monday morning, with Mr Ivey Lewis where he has to spend a week—Monday morning, Mother, Grandmama and I all made a few calls—in the evening slept, I expect—after tea Mr Saunders called—I received a short letter from Mollie—Tuesday have forgotten what I did remember I had quite a headache—at night Mother and all the children went to Mr Frenchys party, I felt no drive to go—and spent a much pleasant evening at home, answering a nice eight page letter, from Mollie B. which I received a few moments before they started to the party—I sent her off Eight very poor pages to “spell over” for it was hard work reading it I know—

Wednesday morning Mr Saunders called spent two hours, I guess, Mr Hilliard and Mr Shepard called also—Mr Saunders asked me to go to walk with him in the evening. I told him I would, but when Mother returned from town, she told me she did not wish me to go—In the evening Mrs Stith, Miss Sallie Guion, and Mary Henry called—Mr Saunders came, but just as the other company left, it commenced raining, and I could not go any way, I was glad of it—Mr Saunders left directly after tea—Thursday forgotten all about, evening the same, no I believe Mr Saunders called—Friday morning spent at work, I think—in the evening went down street—after supper Messrs Grimes and Saunders called—the former gave me my ring Mr Jimmie Wright has had since the fair, I asked him for it when at Chapel Hill—Saturday I don’t know what I did except think—late in the evening, Sister Arabel, Mother and I, walked down and town, and got some ice cream—Sunday went to church in the morning—did not attend in the evening—slept until late—Monday was sick in bed, nearly all day—after tea dressed—Mr Tucker came up to bid Grandmama and Sister Arabel good bye, as they left for Enfield, or rather to see all their “Whitaker relations” I did not get up to see them off—but rode down town a short while after—and spent 15 or 20 m—returned home alone—Mother spent the day with Cousin Mary Whitaker, who was very ill—I worked all day, on a silk bed quilt, I have commenced—sat by the window and saw them all going out to the pic nic, at Gov Manly’s farm, which came off that day—I felt a little like going when I saw them pass—and dare say I would have spent rather a pleasant day—I spent the morning alone—except with thoughts, and “Happy thoughts are often the pleasantest of companions” with me these days—I found it rather a hard task to keep the children “straight” for they were at home all the evening—They did not return ‘till dark from the pic nic, Mr Tucker and Mary Henry, Mr Saunders & Jennie Calloway called a few moments on their return, the former brought me, a few little fish, which I had for breakfast, as supper was then ready—O! How Mr Tucker’s horse did do! I thought every moment they would be thrown out, and either killed or hurt—but after a little, he went off very well—Mother did not get home ‘till nearly ten—Mr Tucker came with her and spent about half an hour, Mother then started back to stay all night, did not get far, for before she, came back, said she could not stay—left early next morning, ^Wednesday^ I went down to try on a dress, and came back home, spent the rest of the day, thinking, working, and keeping the children straight—Mother got home about 11 o’clock—Mr Tucker came with her—In the evening, I rode out a little for exercise—called for Mother—Cousin Mary died in the morning just before she got there—but Mother did not wish to come until after supper, so I came home alone—Wrote Cousin Hill the very poorest kind of a letter Tuesday evening, and Uncle Weddell, one not much better, the night before—It was Wednesday ^Thursday^ morning I went down to try on my dress—Mother was not well all day—in the evening, after working until late—I went over to see Mrs Seawell, but just before I started stuck a bone in my foot—which caused me a little pain—O! dear I had to stop for company, and now it is bed time, and I have only time to add a few lines—when will I ever finish! But I was writing about my foot, after my return from Mrs Seawells, my foot pained me, and Mother, made me take great care with it—Friday I spent at work—received a letter from Bettie Tool at night—After ten Messrs Tucker and Hatten called out, did not stay long, it was late when they came—I did not go home—Saturday spent all the morning at work—in the evening went to ride and did a little shopping—I forgot to say, I received a nice long letter, from Mollie B. Wednesday morning have not answered it yet—don’t know whether I will have time, can’t tell, as I do not know when she expects to return—Today well am I at last nearly done—This morning did not go to Church—in the evening (Mother took dinner with Cousin Martha) I had the pleasure of “tending to the children” and had commenced writing when, Mother, Mollie Henry, and Mr Saunders came—before they left Min and Nannie came, O! Min is so pretty! They left about sun set, I walked as far as Mrs Swans hill with them—Mr Tucker has just left, came up, & spent an hour or so—But Mother wants me to go out visiting with her to-morrow, I will be so glad when it is over for I don’t want to go at all—I like to see some people—but I hate those “pop’s” and dinner parties—I received a letter from Aunt Lizzie to-night in which she told me, Cousin Jinnie was to be married last Wednesday night, to Dr Ganable of La—I was astonished to hear it—Mother also received a letter from Tarboro in which Aunt Bin said, Messrs Engelhard and Lewis called to see them Saturday—and also told us Mr George Howard was going, or had gone to Wilson to live, I was sorry to hear it, for he is a pleasant young man—but good night—I declare I must off to bed—hope to have pleasant dreams—had such a strange one, a few nights ago—will try & not let such a long time slip by, without my writing again—