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Name Type
P. A. Richardson

Resident of Nashville NC in 1919

Patrick Mann Estes, Sr.

Born January 27, 1872, in Brownsville, Tennessee. Estes was an attorney who practiced and resided in Nashville, Tennessee.

Patrick Smith
Paul Evans

Paul Evans, born in Wayne County, North Carolina, circa 1870. Evans was a carpenter in Goldsboro.

Pearley Athen Hoyle

Born July 18, 1887, in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Hoyle was a farmer and constable in Casar, North Carolina.

Perry Lester Miles

Born October 15, 1873, in Westerville, Ohio. A career Army officer and veteran of the Spanish American War, Miles served as colonel of the all-African American 371st Infantry Regiment during World War I. In recognition of his service, he was decorated with the Distinguished Service Medal and the French Croix de Guerre.

Peter Armstrong Holt

Born February 25, 1891, in Alamance County, North Carolina. In 1920, Holt provided testimony in an investigation into an attempted lynching in Graham, North Carolina. He was employed as a bookkeeper at the L. Banks Holt Manufacturing Company.

Peter Halkett Person
Peter Henley

Henley was Chief Justice of North Carolina.

Pharr & Bell

Henry Neal Pharr (born October 24, 1865) and James Ardrey Bell (born September 12, 1866), of Charlotte, North Carolina-based law firm Pharr & Bell.

Philip Johnston
Privy Council