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Hon. Locke Craig,
Governor of North Carolina,
Raleigh, N.C.

Dear Governor:

The Board of County Commissioners of Guilford County instructed the County Auditor to write to Mr. J. S. Mann, Superintendent of the State's Prison, asking if they could obtain 25 convicts from the State's prison for work on the public roads of Guilford County, as their public road force had diminished so that they thought it would be of great practical advantage to the County if they could increase the force.

The Auditor has received a letter from the Superintendent, copy of which I send to you.

I have not yet seen the Act spoken of in this letter and do not know the provisions of the same, but would like to know whether or not Guilford County can obtain 25 convicts, and whether or not you and the Council of the State would approve upon proper terms, the sending of this force to our County.

We would like to get definite information in regard to this before the meeting of the Board on the first Monday.

Yours very truly,

John N. Wilson
County Atty.