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Letter from Govr. Dobbs of No. Carolina to his Exy. datd. 16th Feb. 1755

New Bern the

16th Febry. 1755


I have above sent you a Duplicate of the Answer which I sent to you in Letter of the 14t of December last which I deliver’d to the Express you sent to me but by Yours I find He did not think proper to give it to You, because I would not be imposed upon to give him Money to pay for a Horse be pretended he had lost in the Service alledging that you had desired him to call upon me for Money to carry him home, which I told him I wod. not do as you had mention’d no such Thing in your letter to Me. If this be the behaviour of Expresses not to carry back Answers to the Dispatches sent to them, no business can be carried on between the Colonies, & therefore I think He ought to be call’d to an Account for it, I at the Same time sent you the Speech & Addresses & by this the Message I sent to the Assembly, By last Express I wrote to you that I had sent the State of a proper Boundary Line to the Board of Trade & hoped you had done the like I am

Sir your most Obedt. & most

Huml. Servt.

Arthur Dobbs