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Few of the Historical Publications Office's special publications have been of more significance to students of recent history than the documentary volumes relating to gubernatorial administrations. Since 1923, North Carolina has published the official papers of its chief executives, a tradition that continues to this day.

In 2019, the North Carolina Office of Archives and History took this project digital, making future installments of the series available online. Our new digital publishing platform, MosaicNC, will allow us to explore the legacies of our chief executives in new and innovative ways, bridging the divide between traditional, print-based editorial projects and the technological wants and needs of modern scholars and researchers.

To kick-off our new project, we're returning to where it all began—the administration of Thomas W. Bickett, governor of North Carolina from 1917 to 1921. Students of this time period can look forward to fresh insights in and a new assessment of the state's experiences during World War I, the suffrage movement, the influenza crisis, and Jim Crow, just to name a few.

"I do not propose to review my own administration," Governor Bickett announced in his final address to the general assembly on January 6, 1921. "What is written is written, and will, in the fullness of time, be fairly appraised by the calm judgment of history." Today, that is exactly what our project seeks to achieve—a fair appraisal of the history of our state's highest office.

Project Timeline: This project is scheduled to be completed in the phases noted below.

Phase I: Review collection of Bickett's papers and select documents for transcription. [Phase Complete as of December 2019]
Phase II: Transcribe selected documents and publish them to Mosaic. [Phase Complete as of July 6, 2020]
Phase III: Proofread transcriptions and upload digital scans of original documents. [Phase in Progress as of July 7, 2020]