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My good Friend Collinson

I ask pardon for not answering yr Letter so long ago received, but my chagrin for all the reeds I had collected for you and my other Friends by their being cast away near [Boloign] discouraged my sending over any more during the war, and my Removal to this place and being taken up in planting, and Building, draining, fencing &c I Have had no time yet of turning my Thoughts to Botany. But as it has pleased God to give us Success and hope will Soon crown us with a glorious Peace by [caling] us of our inveterate Enemies and securing to us our Religious and Civil Liberties and Possessions if I live I shall have time to apply to gardening I think you for the cedar cones almonds &c you sent me but as they were above 8 months before I Received them none of time came forward I want much to plant Almonds of the best Kinds Olives and Dates here. But notwithstanding that I Reside now in the Latitude 34º north yet out Sudden Transitions from hot to cold and smart, though not durable Frosts in Spring, even to the latter End of March as we have had this year, Kills many of our Southern Plants and Trees—But as I now Live near the Sea Coasts, and have taken a little Plantation at the Sound on the Sea Coast, I Intend to try oranges and Lemmons, as the Palmetto Cabbag[e] Trees thrive there, and by preserving Shelters from our northwestwards can make many Experiments, and want to try Dates: I want a little of the right Safflower Seed, we have what they call here Basland Safflower but cant tell whether it is of a good Kind—I want also to try the [Keli] [Ficoides] they make ashes of for loaf Glass &c—which would agree with our Wetlands—I sent you over some Sensitive Bryar Seed but cant tell if you received it—we have a Kind of a Catch Fly Sensitive which Closes upon any thing that touches it it grows in this Latitude 34 but none in 35º—I will try to save the seed here. My Son who carries this, will inform you more particularly what relates to this Province and produce here to whom I Refer you and am with Truth

My good Friend


Most Humble S[ervt]

Arthur Do[bbs]



[Thank you to David Cecelski for sharing his images of this document with the Colonial Records project.]