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Tyrrel County

July 14th 1777

John Everet Thomas Harrison (son of John) being again ^called on^ to give a further testimony declareth & Saith that the last ^or Third^ Oath administred by Daniel Legate mentioned he thinks that they were to oppose a Draught & protect Deserters They were to go when Joined by the People of Martin & Pitt ^were to go^ & take possession of the Magazine at Hallifax ^to secure the Arms & Amunition^ for what purpose he cannot tell. That the Society extended from this County to New Georgia, that it was expected Genl How was by that time aquainted with there Constitution Legate likewise informed him that about half of the 5th Regiment of Continental Forces raised in this State were Friends to there Cause, that James Sherrard Lewhellen & James Hays were the Principals concerned in Martin County, he says he likewise they thinks Legate informed him that Samuel Black was one of there ^Society^ Legate likewise informed him that the above James Hays of Martin travelled some Thousand Miles endeavouring to get as many People to Associate as possible. This Deponent saith that he was present when James Harrison took the Third Oath & he believes All that were concerned took the third Oath


Thomas X Harrison


Sworn before us Justices Assigned to keep the Peace for said County the day & year above written

Archd Corrie.

Chas. Johnson

Robt. Davison

Thos. MacKey

The above Named Thomas Harrison being admitted as Evidence for the State, he acknowledges himself bound in the Sum of One hundred & fifty Pounds Current Money for his Appearance at next Court of Oyer & Terminer to be held for the District of Edenton—

2d Oath
Thomas Harrison
(son of John) vs
James Harrison