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State of Tennessee
Greene County}

This day personly apeared Agnes Johnson Daughter of Thomas Robertson Decest before me Andrew English an acting Justice of the peace in and for the said County is now in her 67 year and after being Duly Sworn Deposeth and Sais that She recoects perfectly well of her father Thomas Robertson starting to the war and her being the oldest of the family she was left at home while her Mother went to see her father ^in the army^ Start and take some Clothing to him and had to nurs her yonger brother which was a sucking Child and remenber of him returning home from the war and having him say he had got his Discharge and that he had one wagon & one horse prest valued to 20 lb each which he never received any pay for and stood by the Deth bed of her father on the 14 of March 1833 and by reason of oald age and Infirmities that he was for the last twelve years of his life not more than half of his time bale to git up of his Chair without help

Sworen to and Subscribed before me this 17 February 1835


Agnes X Johnson


NB My Brother that was a sucking Child is now in his 56 year

Andrew English
Justice of the peace