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State of South Carolina
District of Pickens} ss.

On the ninth day March 1835 Personally appeared before the Hons. Richard Gantt One of the Associate Judges of the State of South Carolina in open Court at Pickens Court House, William Guest a resident of Pickens District and State aforesaid aged Seventy two years 30th. December last—who being first duly sworn according to Law—doth on his oath make the following—Additional Declaration by order of the Commissioner of Pensions in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed June 7th. 1832.

That in June Caswell as he recollects 1777, he was then 15 years of Age Capt. Isaacs of Wilkes County N.C. applied to him to Volunteer to build & Guard a Fort on the head of the Yadkin near to Genl Lanores House. He turned out Volunteer for Three months and did go with the said Capt Isaacs & did help to build the Fort & guard it by Order of Col. Cleveland who commanded the Militia of Wilkes County—He was discharged at the End of Three months some time in September and he was paid for these three months service—

That afterwards in March 1779 He turned out a Volunteer in what was called the Minute Service a Corps Ordered by the Legislature of North Carolina in 1778 to be raised on the Frontiers One Company in Wilkes County of Mounted Infantry of which Company Moses Guest the Brother of Declarant who was 12 years Elder was appointed Captain. And in the month of March 1779 They rendesvoused at Wilkesboro in said County and Had their Horses &c appraised, Inspected & mustered in the service—The Service was against the Tories, Deserters, outliers and enemies of the United States, and they were ordered into the service & continued in it Continuously from the Month of March 1779 till June 1780 not less than Ten months; during all the time he followed no regular business except as a Soldier. It is true he was some days during that time permitted to visit his family and he was some days occasinally at home by leave of his Officers, but many times he has left home at night often late to join his company. He does not at this late day now distinctly recollect all the incidents of the Tours & services of that period of 15 months but he does know that his Wife made the Crops during that period & did nearly all the work in the field.

In June 1780 He Voluntered or was yet considered & in the Minute Service and went under Capt. Guest with Col. Cleveland & all his effective force to Ramsours Mill against Col. Moore who had 800 Tories stationed there but before Clevelands Army arrived Genl. Rutherford defeated Moore—He was then marched under Capt Guest—Major Micajah Lewis Col. Benj Cleveland, to go to Hanging Rock against Tory Col Bryant, but before they arrived at the Hanging Rock the Battle was fought—They then returned home or rather by Home & was marched into the Lower part of Burke County and was there Stationed on the Catawba River about two or three weeks—When Col. Cleveland ordered Capt Moses Guest with his Company of mounted Infantry to Cross the Mountains & to Watauga in (what is) perhaps what is now Ash County. They took some prisoners & returned to Wilkesboro, there joined Col. Cleveland again & was ordered to keep the Tories under as much as possible as Ferguson was then approaching the Mountain.

In September or 1st October having heard that Cols. Campbell, Shelby & Sevire were comeing over the Mountains Col. Cleveland collected all the men he could and joined Campbell on Mud Creek, head of the Catawba in Burke County and went on with them overtook Col. Ferguson at Kings Mountain was in that Battle Early in the engagement one of his messmates was wounded in the thigh who asked him if we gained the Battle not to leave him on the ground—After the Battle was over he went & found the wounded man & was directed by the Capt & Col. to take him & the other wounded to Doct. Dobsons in Burke County—Afterwards was ordered to collect Beef & take to the army at Wilkesboro which he did and went as one of the guard to Moravian Town was then ordered by Col. Cleveland to go back to Doct. Dobsons and take Reid the wounded man home & to nurse him till he got well which he did for Four months which was in June 1781—In June 1781 He was again a Volunteer with Capt. Guest, Leut. Ferguson to go to the Long Island on Holstein against the Tories and they took 4 or 5 prisoners & on the return took one diserter who was Hung—Was out not less than Three weeks this tour—In August 1781 was called out as a Volunteer & Col. Heron who had the Command appointed him Lieut. but he got no Commission that he recollects—went with him to Cathys Creek Fort on the head of the Catawba rendesvoused there remained about Three weeks & a supply of amunition could not be procured to go against the Indians & most of the men returned home. He was out not less than Four weeks this time. He is Certain he was in the Service not less than

Three months in the Year 1777— 3 months
Ten months in the Years 1779 & 1780 (June) 10 do.
Six Months from June 1780 to Jany 1781— 6. do.
From January to June 1781— Ten mo. 4. do
June & July—1781— 3 weeks 21 days
August 1781 4 weeks—28 days
  Months 24. 19 days

He has again repeated to the best of his recollection His services, and would add as a reason why there may be some descrepancy between the Statement of him & His Old Brother Capt. Guest that they were not together in the Tour 1777 and that Some of the other Services—And that the Gentleman who took his testimony for Moses Guest would not put in any of the services as a minute man—which was much and arduous and which he believes he is as much entitled to pay for, as any other part—

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares his name is not on the pension Roll of any agency in any state except the State of South Carolina which Certificate he now herewith returns to the Department.

Ans. 1. He was born in Fredk. County Va. 30 Decr. 1762

" 2 He has not now any Record of his age.

" 3 He lived in Wilkes County N.C. during the War of the Revolution & till 1785 He moved into Pendleton & has lived in it & Pickens ever since

" 4 Volunteer at all times

" 5th. Does not know that he was ever under any Regular officer, was with such Militia Officers as named & does not recollect any others.

" 6 He thinks he got one does not certainly know he had a written discharge at all—

" 7. Col. J. C. Kilpatrick, Col Robt. Anderson, Col Joseph Grisham have known me for many years & I can appeal to them as witnesses for my character as an Honest & Creditable person.


William X Guest


Sworn to and Subscribed in open Court the day and year aforesaid}
William L. Keith C.C.

I William L. Keith Clerk of the Court of Pickens District do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original procedings of the said Court in the matter of the application of William Guest for a pension

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of Office this 13th. day of March 1835.

William L. Keith
Clerk of the Court
of Pickens District
South Carolina