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A Digital Publishing Venture of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History

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It is the primary charge of MosaicNC to digitally publish exhibits on various special topics and future installments of two long-running projects of the Historical Publications Office: the Colonial Records of North Carolina and the Governors’ Papers Project. Through this digital medium, we aim to provide free and open access to our work for the educational benefit of present and future generations of North Carolinians.

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Explore the History of North Carolina

Just as technology has allowed MosaicNC to bring our scholarly editions into the digital age, it also allows us to publish other thematic exhibits about the state’s past.

In Their Own Words: North Carolina's Widows of the American Revolution

A collection of seventeen widows' pensions outlining the contributions of North Carolina women to the war effort during the American Revolution.

The War Governor: Thomas W. Bickett, 1917-1921

Thomas W. Bickett served as governor of North Carolina from 1917 to 1921. Browse this exhibit to learn more about his time in office and to view his official papers.

The Gourd Patch Conspiracy

The Gourd Patch Affair, or the Lewelling Conspiracy, was a failed uprising against North Carolina's Patriot government in the summer of 1777. A group of Martin, Tyrrell, Pitt, and Bertie County farmers met in a pumpkin patch and crafted a secret plot. Their aim? Assassinate North Carolina's governor, overthrow the state government, and protect the Protestant religion.

North Carolina and the Space Race

Learn about the various contributions of North Carolina scientists, engineers, pilots, and more to Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Trace the influences of this golden age of the American space program on future generations of Tar Heel space explorers.

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