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October 24th, 1918.

Major John D. Langston,
Office Provost Marshal General,
Washington, D.C.

My dear Major:-

I enclose you a letter I have just received from a good friend of mine in Newton. He and I will appreciate it very much if you will look into this matter and have his order for individual induction sent to his Local Board.

I suppose you have heard that William got his papers through all right, and is now at Camp Gordon1. He left on the 14th, and writes me that he is enjoying the life down there very much.

We certainly have missed you a whole lot here in Raleigh, and all of us were distressed that you were sick in Washington. I sincerely hope that you have gotten entirely well by this time. The “Flu” situation has been very distressing here. We have had ninety-two deaths in the city.

With sentiments of affectionate esteem, I beg to remain,

Sincerely yours,



1. Camp Gordon was located in Georgia.