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Our State is in the throes of the worst epidemic we have had for more than a generation. Spanish influenza has rendered several of our eastern counties helpless. Many communities and thousands of patients are unable to secure doctors or nurses, and the situation is rapidly growing worse. I am asking for volunteers from the medical and nursing professions to render aid in our serious emergency. Any doctor or nurse who can possibly be spared from his or her community, even for only a few days, can do valuable service for the State in this time of great need. If you can serve, notify the State Board of Health by wire, giving the date and length of time for which you will be available. Traveling expenses and salary at fifteen dollars per day will be provided for each doctor, and the usual compensation for nurses. I earnestly urge you to respond for this patriotic work.1

1. Excerpted from "To Prohibit Public Gatherings in State," Raleigh News and Observer, 5 October 1918.