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His Majesty having been informed, that the several Independent Companies, doing Duty in the different Provinces of North America, are far from being compleat, tho' by Means of false Musters, the full Complement they ought to consist of appear under Arms at a Time of Review, but are filled by Persons, who only do occasional Duty, and not by such as are willing and able to act as Soldiers, when His Majesty's Service Shall require it; His Majesty being determined to put an End to such scandalous Practices, for the future, has commanded me to signify to You His Royal Pleasure, that You should take the most immediate and effectual Measures for obliging the Officers, commanding such Companies, within your Government, to compleat them, without Loss of Time, with good and able Soldiers; and you are likewise forthwith to transmit to me, for His Majesty's Information, the real State in which you shall find those Companies, together with the Names of the Officers commanding them, And it is His Majesty's express Commands, that you should do this without Favour or Affection, and with the strictest Regard to the real Truth. I am etc.


N.B. Like Letters were wrote, at the same Time, to the Lt. Governor of New York, and the Governor of North Carolina, with the following addition.

And it is His Majesty's farther Pleasure, that you should forthwith give the necessary Orders, that two Companies should march into the Province of Virginia, and there put themselves under the Command of Mr. Dinwiddie Lt. Governor thereof, who will be informed of the King's Intentions as to the Destination of those Forces.

Copy of a Circular Letter from the Earl of Holdernesse to the Governors of Virginia, New York and North Carolina.
18th Janry. 1754