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June 18, 1918.

From: The Adjutant General

To: The Provost Marshal General, Washington, D.C.

Subject: The alleged unsoldierly conduct of 2nd Lieut E. N. Plate, Camp Lee, Va.

1. By direction of the Governor there is forearded herewith an affidavit submitted to this office by J. E. Watkins, a police officer of the city of Durham, N.C., regarding the alleged misconduct of the officer referred to in the above subject, for such action as may be deemed proper by the War Department.

2. Attention is invited to the fact that similar complaints have been forwarded to the Provost Marshal General from the counties of Wayme, Wilson, Halifax and Johnston, all of which make substantially the same statement. This office is warranted in stating that the attitude of this particular officer is such as to seriously obstruct the progress of the work in connection with the apprehension and delivery of deserters under the Selective Service system and further that the remarks alleged to have been made by him are untrue and unwarranted.

3. It is believed that the complaints referred to should be speedily and thoroughly investigated.

Laurence W. Young
Brigadier General
N.C.N.G., Reserve.


Enclosed in: 1918, June 20. Bickett to Crowder.