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Dr. W. W. Faison,
Goldsboro, N.C.

My dear Sir:-

The Chief Medical Adviser of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, Washington, D.C., writes the Governor that there will be discharged from the military service a large number of persons suffering from mental diseases, and says that it is considered highly desirable that they be returned, not only to their own states, but to institutions located as near as possible to their former residence. He requests information as to the number of available beds or vacancies in the institutions for the insane in this State. The Governor will thank you to advise him at your earliest convenience how many of these men you will be able to receive for treatment at your institution. For your information I will say that the Supt. of the State Hospital at Raleigh has agreed to take twenty-five.

Very truly yours,

Private Secretary.


Same letter sent to Dr John McCampbell Morganton NC

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