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At the Court at St. James's
the 7th day of February 1753
The Kings most Excellent Majesty
in Council

Upon the reading this day at the Board, a Representation from the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, together with the Draught of a Commission prepared by the said Lords Commissioners, for Arthur Dobbs Esqr to be Captain General and Governor in Chief of His Majestys Province of North Carolina; And it appearing that the said Draught of Commission is drawn in the usual Form⁠—His Majesty was pleased, with the Advice of His Privy Council to Approve thereof, and to Order as it is hereby Ordered, that the Right Honourable the Earl of Holdernesse One of His Majestys Principal Secretarys of State, do cause a Warrant to be prepared for His Majestys Royal Signature, in Order to pass a Commission under the Great Seal of Great Britain agreable to the said Draught which is hereto annexed.

A true Copy

North Carolina.
Copy of an Order of Council, dated the 7th. of February 1753, Approving a Representation from this Board, together with the Draught of a Commission prepared by them for Arthur Dobbs Esqr. to be Governor of His Majesty's Province of North Carolina.

Recd. Febry. 12th.
Read March 9 1753.