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To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty in Council

The Memorial of Arthur Dobbs Esquire Your Majestys Govr. of the Province of North Carolina in America⁠—

Most humbly Sheweth

That Your majesty was graciously pleased, to Instruct the late Govr of North Carolina, to Cause Forts to be Erected at proper places, for the Defence of the said province, and the Navigation thereof⁠—

That in pursuance of such Your Majestys Instructions, the Legislature of that Province made Provision, for Erecting Forts, and in consequence thereof one Fort is already Erected on Cape Fear River a Plan of which Fort, with an Estimate of the Charge, that attended he same having been transmitted over by the late Govr & having been put into the hands of Your memorialist together with a Draught of the Entrance into the said River and Situation of the Fort upon the River are herewith laid before Your Majesty⁠—

That the Inhabitants of the said Province relying on Your Majestys Royal Favour for proper Ordnance and Stores for such Fort were thereby Induced to Cause the same to be Erected at their own Charge, but are by no means able to defray the farther Expences of Ordnance and Stores necessary thereto⁠—

And Your Memorialist begs leave farther to represent to Your majesty that for want of Forts properly supplyed Your Majestys Subjects in that Province were miserably harassed, and often plundered by the Enemy during the late War and now in time of Peace, are so situated, that Piratical Vessels, Vessels coming from Infected Places, or Vessels carrying on an illicit Trade, may come into, and go out of the said province, without hindrance or Molestation, the Consequence whereof may prove not only very Fatal, to the Inhabitants of that Province, but likewise, very detrimental to Your Majestys Revenue, and the Trading Interest of this Kingdom⁠—

All which is most humbly submitted to Your Majestys Royal Consideration by Your Memorialist who most humbly prays that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to grant such Ordnance and Stores for the safety of the Colony and shipping as the Fort and Battery so Erected may necessarily require⁠—

Signed Arthur Dobbs

North Carolina.
Order of the Lords of the Commtt of Council, dated 3d. April 1753, referring to this Board for their Consideration & Report, the memorial of Arthur Dobbs Esqr. Govr. of No. Carolina to His Majisty praying for Ordnance & Stores for the Fort lately erected on Cape Fear River.

Received April 11 1753.
Read Janry 31 54

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