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Dr Conway,

Though I wrote to you last march and then answerd one of yrs of 8ber last the other having not come to hand, yet I can't neglect the opportunity of Captn Quince who takes with him my dispatches for Europe of writing to you as stated Sam; Smith as I dont Know where to direct to you; nothing extraordinary has happened here since my last; as I expect every day to Send out Commrs. to join those from S; Carolina to run our Temporary Line, I shall immediately after send up the deeds I have perfected of what Lands I have sold to the occupants of the back Lands, and to receive what money can be paid down and to take Bonds and Securities from the Remainder, and Arthur Mackay who runs our Line will then Survey off what Lands have been [entred] since last year in order to have more deeds perfected whatever I receive I Shall order yr. [majesty] to be paid to you out of my Appointment—I have had no Letters but one from Red since last 8ber, so can't tell where you are, and shall therefore if in Ireland refer you to what I have wrote to my Bro[the]r—

I have wrote again to Lord Halifax for leave to go over if my Heath continues in order to try to get rid of my laminess, my feet continuing still swelling though I am stronger and can walk a little without a Staff—Im glad to hear that my grandson is so fine a Boy and likes the Books, I hope God will preserve him to you as my family is weak—Im [convinced] to find that you can do nothing with Alick Stewart without a Law Suit will not Ned Bruce join you in it to bring it to an Issue; I have never had a Lre from my Nephew since my sisters death nor know what he is doing—My Bro[the]r will inform you what I have ordered to fulfil my promise to my daughter Ryder; I hope in God to live to see you in Ireland or England; I think Stewarts Farm will fall into you near year which is the most beneficial in Ballymore. I long to hear how all my friends are I hear that Mr Edmonstone is reconected to his daughter Fletcher and that they still live near you is none of Mr Dollways Family married yet, What is become of Kilgrot, or our friends in and about Carrickfergus, young Wal Lindsey called upon me as he was falling from [Agulalike] to new york to get a passage to St Augustine where his Command is, he is a Lieut. but yet upon Ensigns Pay he has been in several actions at Bellisle near [Ancie] and [Navenos] and I hope will do well being in an old Regiment.

I wrote to George Spaight that I was obliged to take upon me the Joint Guardienship of his Grandson since Mrs. Spaights marriage with Mr Howe along with Fredk. Gregg—if he lives he will have a very good fortune if he can Keep it from bein embezled by her Husband; I expect he will order him over for Education as he is a fine Boy—I in my last thanked you for the meat and Butter—I hope we shall have seen a trade opened with Ireland for Hemp Flax and their seeds as there is a Premium given in England to carry it there and we have given a Premium here to carry Hemp and Flax to Ireland as well as to Britain—and the back Country is [illegible] state so [many best] which will be exported from this River; we expect to export Several hundred Hogsheads of flax seed this next winter—My dear Jessy joyns in Love to you and Compliments to our other friends

I am Dr Conway


Affectionate Father

Arthur Dobbs

My dear Jessy has sent to you and my Daughter Dobbs a Barrel of Rice and Small Box of New England Sperma Coli Candles as the only things worthy sending from hence—

P:S: Just after sealing this letter I received an Express from Charlestown with his majestys leave of absence and yr. Letter of march last and one from my Bro[the]r of Ap: last who acquaints me of your Safe arrival at Castle Dobbs, I dont think I shall get away till march next and as my Dr. Jessy proposes going with me, if it will answer yr convencences to meet us in London and we might Lodge together at half the Expence to each—I am sorry to find that Alex Stewart gives you so much trouble—Our Comrs. set out on friday to run our Line—