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Dear Sir

The Malenckoly Subject that gives occation for my Writing to you Effects Me so much that I hardly know what I write Alas I have Loste my Ever Dear, Mr. Dobbs which makes me almost Inconsolable He went to the Fort with Lord Adam Gordon on a party of pleasure and Caught a Violent Cold & after A few days Illness Departed this Life the 28th of Last March he Died in his sences the Violence of his disorder mad him delereois at Times but when his Reason beamed out his serenity of minde resignd him Self up to his Heavenly Father with that nobleness of soul which few can Equel I have Lost one of the best and tenderest of Husbands and you a kind and Most affectionate Father I condole with you on so grat a Loss I shuld have wrote to you by a Vesil that saild A few days after his Death but my Mind was over Whelmeld with greaf Mr. Powel Tooke a Copy of the Will and said he would inclose it to Mr. Ned Dobbs by the Vessel I Mention therefore make no doubte but you have received the Malencholy News of his Death before this can Reach you Colll. Tryon is now att Newbern which prevents my sending a Copy of the will under the Colony seal but as he Returns and an opportunity offers for England shall send it properly attested to Capt. Dobbs I once flattered my self with the pleasing Expectation of seening you in Company with my Dear Mr. Dobbs but the divine disposer of Events other wise determened it and however Reluctantly we must submit I Cant help inclosing a News paper for the sake of the Respect therein paid to the Memory of one of the Best of Men by a Friend which I dare say will be a greable to you and

I am Dear Sir, with

all possible Regard yrs

affectionat Mother

Justina Dobbs

I rote to my Brother Dobbs Last aprel and I hope you will see it

I send you some of my Dr. Mr. Dobbs is heare for a morning Ring: the Sunday after He was Beard avry Boddy was in Black the Respect showed for him.