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No Carolina

Martin County}

Isaac Barbree being sworn on the holy Evenglist of almighty God Deposeth and Saith that at a Certin time the Society of the people Called Toryes Meet at the place Caled the gord patch and Made Choyce of five meen to Decide Buisniss that m were to be Done amongest them Selves ^to wit^ Thos. Best John Lewelling William Tylor James Rawlings and Solomon Brown Whose Detearmanation were there obligation and some time after William Tylor was Confind for being an Enemy to this State and the Society meet again at the goard patch and imbodyed to Retake him and he the sd. Barbree saith that William Lewelling Said James Mayo Was very handy in Takeing people and Said if the they would Joyn him they would way Lay the Roade and kill him the sd. Mayo Charles Counsell (another Man in arms) said the Best way was to kill them for if they Let them alone that Night they might take another the Next Night and then they must go again after him at another time He John Staton [(]another of the Toryes) was taken out of A Company and Caryed to Justice and & sd. Barbree saith that William Lewelling Said if the Company would Joyn him there Should not another man be taken out of Company but they would go and Surender themselvs and further this Depesent Saith Not given under my hand this 8th September 1777—


Isaac X Barbree



Nathan Mayo J:P

Barberees Depn.
Wm. Lewelling