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David Taylor being sworn on the Holy Evangelist, declared as follows (Viz)—that Jas. Rollins informed you him of a secret Scheme against the State, for that the Congress has given up the Country to the French to be governed by them, and then Popery would come into the Country, but that they would not oppose them, except they opposed their party, informed him that Wm. Tyler & John Luellan were in the Scheme and that he this Deponant sayth that Rollins told him—that if the King over[c]ome the Country that they woud all keep their own Estates & not be hurt, and further this Deponant sayth not—

David Taylor

Sworn before me the 4th. day of June 1777—

John Everitt

The Depn of
Wm. & Jos. Taylor
agn. James Rawlins, John Llewellin & William Taylor