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No. Carolina

Martin County}

Thomas Best being Sworn on the holy Evenglest of almighty God Deposeth and Saith that John Lewelling Said Nathan Mayo was a Very Busy Body & he believed was put there to watch him and that Son of A Betch would get kiled

And that it was a general Taulk that James Mayo was to be kiled because he was a man that was very peticular in atacting any that was Thote to be Enemies to the State And that he the sd. Best went to James Sherrod to Borrow Money to Enable himthem to go to General How for John Lewelling & James Rawlings was to ^go^ and ^Wm.^ Tylor was to go if they Could Stay while he had A Chance to go But Mr Sherrod Did not help him to money for that purpose

And the Night after old Tylor was Taken they were at the gord patch when they herd the Report of a gun at a Considerble Distance When James Rawlings Said he had A Devilish Mistrust it was at James Mayo for there was Such A Taulk in the Company as Killing him for going after them

At the same time Isaac Barbree David Tailor Hardy Coursell and James Rogers went from the Company towards Nathan Mayo as he thote to try what they could Spy ^out^ and James [Hais] Said if they were to Bid Isaac Barbree to Shoot James Mayo he would Do it—

And further this Depoent Saith Not given under My hand this 9th September 1777—

Thomas Best


Nathan Mayo J.P

Tho. Best's
Lewelling Rawlins
Tyler, &c.