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His Excellency,
Governor Locke Craig,
Raleigh, N.C.


Enclosed is a copy of a letter that I am sending to President Hill. I am sending this copy to you because of the kind interest that you have shown in us and in this Smith-Lever Fund and because you are conversant with the proposition and agreement that we should receive some help from the Smith-Lever Fund. We have been keenly disappointed, for we had confidently expected North Carolina to be as liberal to us as any other state. We cannot believe that the former liberal spirit of North Carolina, which is known throughout the country, has so changed that we cannot expect the consideration from our State that Negro citizens may expect from other Southern states. We see from the News and Observer that the State of North Carolina will receive for agricultural extension work an additional appropriation from the Federal Government of $32,953.00. Surely the $25.00 per month that we are asking for in order to enable us to continue our extension work can be granted without difficulty. I am sending this copy to you with the hope that should you be consulted by President Hill, you will kindly encourage him to use his good offices for us to secure this allowance. Of course we understand this fund is not at all to be used for local purposes and our request is in line with this understanding.

Hoping that you can help us, I am

Very truly yours,