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Governor Locke Craig,
Raleigh, N.C.

My dear Governor:-

Captain E. L. Gilmer, of the United States Army would like very much to be assigned to the North Carolina Brigade as field officer if there should be a vacancy. Capt. Gilmer is stationed at Fort Adams, R.I., but is now on detailed duty for instruction at the Plattsburg barracks. Capt. Gilmer is a son of the late Judge John A. Gilmer of this County, who as you know was a brave Confederate soldier. Capt. Gilmer joined the army as a volunteer in the Spanish-American war and was afterwards appointed as office in the regular army, and I understand has a fine record. I think he is a most excellent officer and a thorough gentleman, and if there should be any vacancy I would be pleased if you could gratify his ambition to go to the border with the troops of his native State.

With greatest respect, I am,

Yours very truly,

A. M. Scales


1. Though stamped "answered" as of July 9, 1916, the governor's response was not found among the papers of Locke Craig.