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Tonight, I commence in reality, a journal, of my thoughts, actions, sayings, and feelings, and should any one, read it they would read, my heart—many years have, I been keeping, a journal, and often I would think, well the next one, shall be a secret one, but againm and again, when the time would come, I would fail to do it—It will be hard, very hard for me, to write my thoughts down, for there they will be looking me in the face, and when I would deny to myself, such thoughts even crossed my mind, here they will be to bring back, the past with all its light and shade, long months, and may be years, will pass away, while I fill these pages, and with the hope, that, it will recall, far, far, more pleasure, that sorrow, I begin recording the events of the past day—I went over to take my painting lesson, this morning, but as Miss Partridge was going out, I came directly home—Coz and I have promised to dine at Judge Badgers today. I had the head ache quite badly, and did not go—Grandmama & Cousin quite busy, packing to start away Monday. Commenced reading “Fern Leaves” today and like it very much—Received a letter, at last from Cousin Hill (last night) and a strange one it was, I always thought he was a strange youth—he made me mad a little, and I don’t know when, I will answer his letter.