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Saturday Night November 12th, 1853—

Had just thrown open my window, and was about to take my seat, this evening, thinking I would “recall past events”—when Mollie came, but of that anon—Cannot pretend to say what I have been about for the last week—Davy brought Mollie’s and my own daguerreotype, also a note from Mr Saunders—I felt sorry for to take Mollies daguerreotype from him but, know it was exactly right, he thinks I am angry with him I am sorry for that also—but told Molly to explain all—received a letter from Coussin Sunday night, all well—Cousin Haywood left Monday morning—went down town shopping a little while I think—Tuesday morning fixed to commence painting—spent the evening sewing—Grandmama came home in the cars—Wednesday rainy, damp and cool—I had promised Mary Henry, to spend the night with her, it cleared off towards evening—and I went although quite late—did not go to sleep till one, or past—(talking) Mary read me her answer—came home about 12. Thursday—sewed the rest of the day—Friday morning went over to draw off my piece—did not finish—will not take any more lessons before I return—this piece is so hard I dread to commence—came home found Cousin Martha Haywood here spent two hours after I came—In the evening I went up to St Mary’s, to spend the evening with some of the girls—we spent the time before supper [we were] in the parlour—only saw Claypole a few moments—after tea Nannie, Minnie, Mary C. and I all went to Aunt Matilda’s—Nannie got [ever] so pickle, and ground peas, Min candy, Mary apple's, Jennie C—who was sick met us (we sent for her to do so) and we all went up in the sick room and such a frolic we did have—we went to work and soon had the table as empty as it was before we came up—just then the thought struck us not to have a little fun—and send off some invitations to Chapel Hill—so we set to work and wrote 12—Lizzie Hanks was with us part of the time but Min and Liz would not send any—Nannie sent to Mr Stevenson, Mr Saunders, Joe Wright and Ned Hill—Mary C. to Messrs Jimmie Wright, and Allie Waddell—Jennie C. to Messrs Waddell and John Sandford—and I to Messrs Saunders Engelhard, and Joe Wright—Nannie and I put in Mr Saunders—What!! my—they were requested to attend last night—I wonder what they will all think of them, I laugh when I think of it, and wish that I had not sent any—not a single one paid for I think it was rather poor myself—stayed ‘til after prayers—Min rode as far as her home with me—had the invitations put in—also a letter from Claypole to Mr Joe Wright—Did not get up early this morning, and was not dressed when Cousin Irving Hill her baby, and Cousin Lou came driving up—I got down as quickly as I could—they went to church after dinner, Mollie and Cousin Maria H. came, Mollie read me great part of her note from ___ they left just before dark—Mother, Cousins Irving and Lou have gone to church tonight—I did not feel like going—I received a nice long letter from Annie Grimes, and an affectionate and kind one from Uncle Weddell Thursday night—I feel sleepy and worn out tonight. It is Conference this week, town crowded very much—I forgot to mention, that, Mr Tucker went with the children to the Circus—Mother and I spent the evening at Mrs Tuckers—had an oyster supper—well I must put up and try to read a little although working so much on Mr Joe Wrights slippers have made my eyes pain me very much—how I wish I had good strong eyes and pretty ones too—It is so delightful, just like spring weather. I have a window up now—I will say good night, with the hope that I can find time to write again tomorrow—