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Codicil to the will of John W Cotten.

I, John W. Cotten do publish and declare this as a codicil to my last Will and Testament. Written in Florida and now there—I republish that will but since it was written I have purchased property in this state, which makes this codicil necessary—

On the lot I purchased in Raleigh of J R J Daniel I desire the house and other improvements to be completed according to my present plan, and I give it then to my wife and children with the intention and desire that my mother and neice Eliza M Thompson shall live there with them. And my wife and mother shall select and have such servants as they desire for the service of the establishment.

I give to my wife my carriage and carriage horses and Virgil for a Driver—and any surplus horses I may have here or in Florida—my Brother Frederick and Noah Thompson and Henry T. Clark may have.

I desire that my child born after my decease, shall in every respect, share equally and alike with my present children—and if a boy I give to him my Fathers watch—if not I give it to my brother Frederick. My own watch I give to my daughter Margaret Eliza Cotten and to each of my children one of equal value when they grow up.

In return for the faithful services of my boy Fountane—I especially desire he shall be retained in my family as a house-servant.

If the money I leave at my decease are insufficient to pay all my debts, I desire my Executors to raise the necessary amount from the sale of such of my property as they shall deem most advisable to the interest of my estate—and full power is given my Executors to carry this clause into effect. And I particularly desire there shall be no public sale of any of my personal property—But my Executors shall distribute it among my family most to their interest and comfort according to the tenor and import of my will.

I make the following donations to esteemed friends as tokens of my regard and attachments. To my Brother Frederick R Cotten, my gun—to Henry T. Clark my cane to Noah Thompson and Dr [Wa G.] Thomas a gold ring inscribed within—“Friendship Offering”—to Theophilus Parker, a pair of plain gold spectacles—

I appoint Theophilus Parker guardian of my children and in case of his declining or death, then one of my Executors. I appoint Frederick R Cotten and Noah Thompson Executors of my Estate in Florida, and Henry T. Clark Executor of my Estate in North Carolina.

Done in Tarboro, No Carolina. May the 15th. A.D. 1845.