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[The following is a excerpted transcript of the minutes of the North Carolina General Assembly, as found in the first series of the Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. 12, page 268. The original of this document has not been located.]

To the Hon. General Assembly.


I herewith lay before you the proceedings of the Council of State. In pursuance of the advice of that Board I have reprieved a certain John Lewelling, condemned in the District of Edenton to be executed for high treason; and also John Wilson, who was convicted of horse stealing in the District of Salisbury.

The papers respecting those persons are also laid before you to the end that you may take such order thereon as you may think proper.

I send you the Memorial of the officers of the Tenth North Carolina Battalion and the officers of the Artillery Company respecting cloathing for the said Battalion and Company and request that you will be pleased to take the same immediately into consideration.