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Just 11 o’clock, and here I am with my journal before me, but really I have written so much already tonight, that my hand, but not my thoughts & feelings, worn out—Well really I must think what I have been doing with myself for the last few days—Monday morning, Mrs Dr Anderson called—I received a note from Mr Joe Wright, sending me his answer to Mr Engelhard’s letter to read—I received a note from Mrs Watters asking to go with me to Mrs Lippitts as they were to have a party—I accepted—after dinner I went over to see Carrie Wright, and had not been there long before I received an invitation from Mr Josh Walker, to go with him to Mrs Lippitts. I had to decline of course—I came home & found two ladies here, forget their names—Mr Joe Wright said he was coming to see me in the evening so I would not go to walk—I forgot to mention that Friday evening while out walking, Matilda Cowen, Miss Hix, and Mrs Cowen called—but to go back a little—Mr Joe Wright did not come, Mr Willie Hall called and spent an hour I guess—he is a pleasant young gentleman I think—After ten I went to the party at Mrs Lippitts, and enjoyed it very much although I had the tooth a pretty bad all night—did not get home ‘til nearly three—Malvina had me a nice supper of oysters all hot and nice, when I did come—the tooth ache did not keep me from enjoying them—Tuesday morning Mr Joe Wright called to see me, before I was ready to appear—but I soon came down he spent an hour or so—I gave him back his letter to Mr Engelhard—I received a letter from Sister Arabel, all well at home—and also one from Annie Grimes, said Mr Saunders had left for Raleigh, I am fearful the note I wrote will not reach him before he left—she said Mr Lewis and Mr Engelhard had made Mr John Grimes a visit—and Mrs Grimes thought Mr Engelhard and I alike, I think it a great compliment—it was damp and rainy in the evening, but Matilda & Carrie Holms called for me to go to walk—and just as I got up here to put on my cloak &c, Carrie Wright and Mr Phifer came in—Carrie W asked me over to take supper with her—I understood her to say after ten—so off we all started to walk—Carrie went off to pay a call, Matilda, and Mr Phifer went off home—and Carrie Holms, & I were left alone—so we went to Mr Dickingson’s to see if Matilda was there, she was not so we went back down street—we had not gone far before we met Alice, I mean Lizzie and Miss [Allielone], they joined us, and Lizzie treated, after which we all went around to Mr Holms, and there found Mr Phifer and Matilda, don’t pretend to say what they were talking about—we took our seats on the steps, and eat the candy, spent half an hour, and then started home