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State of North Carolina
Mecklenburgh County}

On this 31st day of July 1846 Personally appeard in oppen and held in the Court House at Charlotte an Mecklenburgh County Susan Alexandar a resident of said County and state aged 86 years who being duly ^sworn^ according to Law doth on here Oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the binifets of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836 that she is the widow of John Alexandar who was a privet Soldier in the war of the revolution North Carolina Malitia in the war of the Revolution as such served the United Against against a common Enemy but was not enscribed an the pension roll she further declares that the time he went in servis and the time he left the servis and the lenght of the tours are unknown to here but that he was out in the war nerly all of his time for nerly five years or more But from the loss of memory that the lenght of the tours and the Officers names she is not able to give nor the name of the regment in which he served

She furthur declares that she was married to the said John Alexander on the twelft day of November in the year seventeen Hundred and seventy seven and that here husband the aforesaid John Alexander died on the twelft day of July eighteen Hundred and five and that She had remaind a widow every since that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereunto annexed

Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written

Susana Alexander

State of North Carolina
Mecklenburg County}
I Bealy Oates Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County & State aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing declaration of Mrs. Susana Alexander widow of the late John Alexander of this County was this day made and Sworn to in open Court, whereapon the Court Ordered that the Clerk certify the same to the War Department

[In] testmony whereof I have [hereu]nto set my name & affixed the seal of my Office at Charlotte [th]is 31st day of July 1846

B. Oates Clerk of
Mecklenburg Co. Court