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Hon. Zeb. V. Turlington,
Mooresville, N.C.

My dear Zeb:-

I will consider carefully what you say in your letter. The statute establishing the Central Highway carries with it no appropriation. It is just a highway on paper. When the people of Davidson County had an opportunity to contribute toward building this highway, and assuring its going through their county, they refused. On the other hand, the little County of Davie has burdened herself with a bond issue for the purpose of building good roads. I understand that the line from Greensboro to Statesville, via Winston and Mocksville, is as short or shorter than it is by Salisbury. In going by Salisbury you have to go through Davidson County, and Davidson will not build roads.

A delegation will come here tomorrow from Statesville. Varner will be here also. I will consult with them about the subject matter of your letter.

Your friend,