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I have just recd. the favour of your congratulatory Letter of the 4th. upon my Arrival here, which is very acceptable, as also the Copy of your former Letter to President Rowan the 14th. of March last about the Boundary Line and the Squabbles upon the Frontier occasion'd by it's not being settled to fix the Jurisdiction & Right of each Province, & shall give Directions to our Settlers to live in Amity with those within your Government, until it shall be determined and at the same time recd. the Copy of your Instructions about determining the Boundary.

This very Morning before your Messenger arriv'd I had prepared a Letter to send to you upon the same point, and to let you know what my Instructions are upon the fixing the Boundary, and to let you know that His Majesty by the Advice of the Board of Trade had recalled that old Instruction you have sent me, and also a later Instruction, by which Commissioners met in 1735, and had agreed upon part of the Boundary, which not having been approved of by his Majesty, and nothing having been done since in it, His Majesty has also withdrawn that Instruction, and has left it open for us to settle a new Line or Boundary, and my Instructions with Respect to the Boundary is to enquire into the State of the Proceedings with Respect to the Boundary Line between North & South Carolina, and to consult with the Governor of South Carolina upon what will be a proper Line and report my Opinion fully to the Board of Trade.

Being therefore sensible that no Mearing can be settled between the Governors & Councils of the two Provinces in any reasonable time, and that I find it is absolutely necessary for the Peace & Benefit of each Colony that it shou'd be immediately determined and approved of by his Majesty; I propose to prevent all Delay to send over to the Lords Commissioners of Trade to be laid before his Majesty an Account of what has hitherto been done, and also what I with the Concurrence of the Council think wou'd be a reasonable & proper Boundary, and at the same time lay the reasons we have to give to support the Boundary we propose when it is laid before his Majesty; at the same time we propose that you and the Council of South Carolina shod. do the same, and support your proposed Boundary with all the reasons you think proper to offer; by which Means no time will be lost in having it laid properly & fully before his Majesty in Council, and then his Majesty will be properly informed of the Sense of each Colony, and will fix upon such a Boundary as may be most for his Service, and the Benefit of both Colonies; I therefore give you this timely Notice that you may send over the Sense of Your Province upon it, with the Reasons to support the Boundary line you propose.  I shall very soon send over the Sentiments of this Government to the Board of Trade for their Consideration to lay before his Majesty, and hope you will lose no time in doing the same, and this Province will chearfully submit to His Majesty's Determination and Commands upon it without further Delay; which will put an End to all the Squabbles near the Frontier in either Colony.  In the mean time I hope we shall live in Peace & Amity on each Side of the Frontier, until His Majesty's pleasure is known; and it is my Duty as well as Inclination, to live on a fix'd Harmony with your Province and to promote the Same with all our Colonies.

The Assembly here have granted a Supply of £8000 to raise & send to the Assistance of Virginia 2 Companies of 100 Men each.

I wish you Unanimity and Prosperity in your Government, & hope you will shew a Ready Zeal in preventing French Incroachments, and that you may follow the laudable Example of this exhausted Province, in giving an early & effectual Supply, according to your Ability, to assist Virginia in repelling the French Invasion, and securing and defending His Majesty's Right to the Countries beyond the Mountains, and also the Right of our Indian Allies; which will give due Weight to all the Colonies, and induce me always with Pleasure to subscribe myself


Yr. most obedt. & most hble Servt.

Arthur Dobbs

A Copy

North Carolina.
Copy of a Letter from Arthur Dobbs Esqr. Govr. of No. Carolina to James Glen Esqr. Governor of South Carolina.
Without Date.

Recd. with Gov.r Dobb's Lettr. dated the 4th. Janry. 1755.

Recd. July the 2d.
Read —— 3d 1755.

C. ^1^ 71.