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Gov. T. W. Bickett.
Raleigh N.C.

Dear Gov. Bickett:-

I am writing you a letter tha I hope that you will say nothing to any one about my having written you, as I do not wish any one to have hard feeling towards me, but I think that this matter should be attended to. The clubs in our town have no regard for Red Cross at all, two clubs here have their meetings on our work days every time, we keep our rooms open on Tuesday and Thursday of each week, and when they insist on having clubs on those days, the ladies go there instead of to Red Cross work, if our women are not patriotic enough to abandon clubs during the war, or change the days of meeting so as not to conflict with Red Cross work, then I think that some one should change it for them, and make it a misdemeanor, to hold clubs on Red Cross days in their towns.

I do not object to clubs, but I do not think it is right for them to hold meetings at a time like this, when it is their duty to do something for their country; of course there are some that would not work, if they did not have the club, but a good many would. If there is any way that this can be arranged, wish you would please do it, please do not mention getting a letter form any one about this, as several of us have talked very plain to some of the members, and they might suspect something having been said. I hope that you will not think me meddling with your affairs, I do not intend it that way at all, women are thrown against these things and men know nothing about them, I want N.C. to send in as good Red Cross records as any other state, and there is no reason why we should not, we have the ladies, that can do this work, and we are going to do if there is any way in the world of doing it.

Please do not mention this to any one, as I would not have any one know that I wrote about this matter for a great deal.

With best regards,

[bottom part of letter torn off]