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Indians in North Carolina

Anson County    
The Catawba Nation under King Hagler are of Warriors   240
The Warriors of the Cherokee Nation are 2590 divided into different Settlements, vizt.    
On Savana River under the Good Warrior Head man 275  
On the Waters of Mississippi under the Raven of Cowee 715  
The upper Settlemt. of Mississippi under the Round O Head Man 415  
In the Valley under the Raven of Highwasa 545  
The lower Settlemt. of Mississippi under the Emperor of Tellaco & Old Hop of Chote the two head Men of the Cherokee Nation 640 2590
Bertie County    
The Warriors of the Tuskerora Nation are 100  
The Women & Children 201 301
Chowan County    
Of the Chowans 2 Men & 5 Women and Children   7
Granville County    
The Saponas about 14 Men & 14 Women & Children   28
Northampton County    
The Mieharen about 7 or 8 fighting Men   8
These are all the Indians except about 8 or 10 Maramusket Indians and as many on the Islands or Banks   20