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North Carolina

Mr. Dobbs Governor of North Carolina attending, without, was call’d in, and the following Points were recommended to his Attention upon his Arrival in North Carolina.

To enquire into the State of the Paper Currency which by Mr. Rowan’s last Letter appears to have been created and issued there, to send over the Act for issuing it and not to apply any part of it which now remains in the Trustees Hands to answer contingencies untill he receives further Directions from His Majesty unless in cases of Emergency & absolute Necessity.

To take every prudent and effectual Method of keeping up that Spirit which has appeared in the Colony to oppose the hostile Encroachments of a foreign Power, and in case of a Requisition from any of the Colonys for Assistance, to direct the Troops under his Command in such manner as should appear to him to be best for the general Interest and Security of His Majesty’s Colonys.

To endeavour to get An Act passed for establishing a Powder Duty in case that formerly passed should be expired.

To consider that Article of His Majesty’s Instructions which relates to the Security to be given by Persons applying for Grants of Land, that they will not enter upon it untill a Patent be finally passed, and in case it should appear to him that the carrying it into Execution would be attended with any particular Hardship or Inconvenience to make a full Representation of the Case to the Board.

To inquire into the State of the Proceedings with respect to the Boundary Line between North and South Carolina and to consult with the Governor of South Carolina upon what will be a proper Line, and report his Opinion fully to the Board.