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Friends & Brothers

We are come here in the Name and by the Command of the Great King George who under God the Master and Giver of Breath, is your and our common Father and Protector. The Talk you are now to hear is from the Great King and is ordered to be delivered to you by four Governors of different Provinces, and the Superintendant who is equally Connected with all; For this reason, he is pitchd upon to be our Mouth our Words, our hearts, Our intentions are the same; as our respective Provinces Join together, so are our Interests inseperable. No Conference was ever intended to be more general, none more friendly; This is not a partial Meeting of one Nation of Indians with one Governor, but the Great Kings good disposition towards his red Children is to be communicated to you in the presence of one another; his Goodness is as expansive as the Dominions he possesses at a time when he has nothing to apprehend from any Enemies, he opens his Arms to receive his Red Children and he does it the rather at this Juncture, as he knows the insinuations and falshoods which have been formerly circulated among you by the perfidious and cruel French, his desire you to recollect in how many Instances they have misled and deceived you. You well remember their lies and have been the Dupe of their promises, they are never easy unless engaged in Mischief themselves or when engaging others; incapable of supplying your wants they endeavour to detach you from your best and only friends the English.

The Great King who wishes to extend the Commerce of his Subjects, to live in Peace and friendship and relieve the distress of all Mankind, bore with uncommon patience the repeated insults and excessive Cruelties which the French only could perpetrate. To Cruelty they added treachery and Perfidy; fair Speeches were in their Mouths but Mischief in their hearts; and when they did not act openly themselves they deceived and instigated the Red people to outrages which could only end in seperating them from the White people with whom they ought for the Advantage of both to be united. At length when the King saw his Moderation disregarded, his Children plundered and destroyed, and that the french were resolved to contend with him for superiority, that one Country in short could not hold them both, he then exerted himself like a Man and in a short time defeated and humbled that perfidious Enemy and also the Spaniards who by the fatal and mischievous practices of the French had been involved in the quarrel.

He has now given Peace to both Nations, and to prevent the Revival of such disturbances and troubles by repetitions of such dangerous proceedings and for this purpose only he insisted in the Treaty of Peace that the french and Spaniards should be removed beyond the River Mississippi, that the Indians and White People may hereafter live in Peace and Brotherly friendship together; It will be your faults if this does not happen, for we are authorized by the Great King to give you the most Substantial Proofs of our good intentions and desire to live like Brothers with you. If you bring the same friendly disposition with you what can you ask for more than a repetition of the assurances already given you by the Kings Orders with regard to your Lands which we now from our Hearts confirm. Do we not act like Friends and Brothers when we declare that all past offences shall be buried in Oblivion and forgiveness, and this we do because we are persuaded that the French imposed on your Credulity and deceived you. Do you wish for any thing more than to be plentifully supplyed with Goods by the White People who alone can supply you, this we promise you, but this must also depend upon yourselves for those Nations where Traders reside must provide for their Security or no Man will Stay with them. Besides this we engage as far as we can for our selves and those under our Controul to manifest an intention to your Interests and a readiness to do you Justice upon all occasions.

Lastly We promise you faithfully and Solemnly that those Forts now ceded to us by the French shall be employed for your protection assistance and Convenience and for the better carrying on Trade with you by which we shall all be benefited. Consider like Wise Men whether this is the language of ill designing People whether there is any occasion at this time to make you such friendly assurances unless it were our intention to keep our Words. The White People Value themselves on speaking truth but to give still greater Weight to what we say the Great King has thot proper as we observed before that his four Governors and the Superintendant from a great distance should utter the same words at the same time, and to remove every Umbrage or Jealousy that you should all hear them in the presence of one another and bear testimony for one another in case we should ever hereafter act contrary to our declarations.

Ja: Wright. Governor of Georgia

Arthur Dobbs Governor of northe Carolina

Tho: Boone Govr. of So. Carolina

Fran: Fauquier Lt. Govr. of Virginia

John Stuart Agent & Superindt. South District

Done at Fort Augusta

in the Province of Georgia

5th. November 1763.

by Order of Their Excellency

Fenwicke Bull Secretary.

Plants. Genl.
Copy of a Talk signed by the Members of the Congress, and delivered to the Indians by Mr. Stuart, Novr. 5. 1763.

In Mr. Stuart's Letter of 1 Decr. 1763.

Read June 8. 1764.

R. 56.