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Dublin May 21st 1753.

My Lord,

I beg leave to Recommend to yr. Lordship the bearer, the Reverend Mr. Alexander Stewart, He being the Clergyman I mentiond to your Lordship that I proposd to tak over as my chaplin to be provided for in North Carolina. he goes to get yr. Lordships License, and I Hope upon Examination you will find him qualifyed as a Clergyman, as he carries over with him proper Credentials and Testamoniums of his character and having been regularly ordaind, and having Officiated for Some Time in a Cure in the Diocesse of Conner, in this Kingdom; if your Lordship approves of him I Hope you will give him all the reasonable Dispatch you Can, as he has a family to carry over, and Must Return to Ireland to Imbark, for the Ship will be ready to Sail by the Time he Can Return and prepare to Imbark.

I Hope to wait upon your Lordship next Month to Receive your Commands for North Carolina; and am with the greatest regard⁠—

My Lord

yr Lordships

Most Obedt. & Most Humble


Arthur Dobbs

Mr. Alexander Stewart
Testimonial and Recommendation
to North Carolina