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Feby. 8th. 1755

Dear Sir

The two Lets. of the 15th. & 25th. Ulto. I duly recd. and it gives me great Pleasure that your Assembly broke up in so good Humour, & that during their Siting they very properly enter'd on the Business directd. by You with so much Spirit, & I acknowledge that I think they did more than I could have expected considerg. how long they have been in a very loose lawless Conditn. I am glad that You intend the Comd. of the Co[mpan]y that You raise for the Expeditn. to your Son, which I wish You cd. afford to make 80. I am of Opinn. that the Coma. for Capt. Waddel may be establish'd at 40 Men under the Denominatn. of Rangers on the frontier Settlemts—the sooner You can send the Co[mpan]y in here the better and the Sloop that brings them may if You think fit bring 4 or 500 bbls of Pork a& Beef a Quty of Bacon and if to be had with You 4 or 5 bbls of Rice, & to direct them for Alexa[ndri]a on Potomack River where I shall be glad to hear of their safe arrival. I have forwarded your Lets. to Colo. Innes, & I presume he will very soon settle the Affairs of the Car. Regimt. No News since my last either from B. or the Ohio.

Govr. Sharpe & Sir. J. St. Clair are now both with me from W. Creek & they bring no News of any Consequence the Men in good Spirits & wish for the Reinforcemt. from B: Yours by Capt. Waddle I recd. two Day's ago he is gone for Hampton to Co. Hunter to execute your orders, he had my offer of any Service in my Power. I shd. think our People that are Debtors to Your Province cannot refuse your paper Currcy. as it will answer the Discharge of their Debts. Blue turn'd up with red I think will make very proper Uniforms. Pork here is 40s to 43s ⅌ bl as in Goodness, Beef 27s. This comes by an Express from Mr. Glen, he had a Packet for You but says the Wators were so high he cd. not go to Newburn, but have now order'd him to wait on You for an Answer to the Packet he brings You. Mr. Glen was so modest as to desire me to remit him in B[ill]s of Excha. [£]7000 St. out of the 10000 I have Credit to draw for in order to build a Fort in the Upper Cherokee Cntry. I was ordered to advise, perswade & assist him in building the Fort, & I thought 1/3 of that Mo[ne]y wd. have done, & that Cur. shd. be at the Expence, however I have sent him Bills for 1000 to shew at Home my readiness to obey Comds & to forwd. that Fort which I believe at this Time very necessary. He gave me room to expatiate with him on the reasonableness of his Demd. when he must know the great Charge that attends this necessary Expedtn. & to offer to have 2/3d. of the whole of my Cr. was not kind or did it look like a well Wisher to what we have on the Anvil. I think he has no room to expect leave to raise recruits with you, till You have compleated Your own Compay. I look daily for the Fleet from Ireld. & hope to be pretty well provided to receive them; from the best Intelligence the Fr. have not above 1200 Men on the Ohio—the Message from Mr. Morris to his Assembly of the numbers of the Fr. was from Deserters, who's Reports are not to be depended on; his Assembly have broke up with[ou]t grantg any aid they are a very turbulent refractory People. Myld Assembly meets the 20th. Mr. Sharpe has Hopes that they will do something. When any Accts. of Conseqce. I shall give You early Notice thereof. I hope the Packet from Eng. that I forwardd. you lately came safe to your Hands. I pray God grant us Success in our just Designs in the Defence of our Religion Liberties & Properties. My Wife & Girls join in Kind respects to You Son & Nephew & I am with Sincerity & great Truth

Ye. Ex's. most o. h. S