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August 28, 1913.



Re: Lynching of Joe McNeely, August 26th.

I beg to state that I have made every possible investigation that I can make from parties who know the circumstances in the above case. I have been unable to identify any of the parties. The hospital was broken into at night - 2:15 A.M., and so far I have been unable to find any officer or any citizen who can identify any party connected with it. The mob was not large - possibly not over fifteen men. It may have been larger than this, but a very small number of people went into the hospital. The policemen whom the negro shot was a very popular young man, and this fact has made it very difficult to awaken interest in the apprehension of the guilty persons.

I would be glad if you will supplement the reward offered by the City of Charlotte, by offering a reward of $1,000 additional for the party or parties apprehended and convicted. The state should also assure me that any investigation that I may be able to make by special, secret service men would be paid for. Expenses in this matter should be borne by the State of North Carolina, and I should understand definitely where the expense money is going to come from.

I am in communication with a proper man to do this work, and, if I can be be authorized by the State, so that I can assure him of his pay in this matter, I will take it up with him at once.

Please let me hear from you,

Very truly yours,

Geo. W. Wilson