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State of North Carolina
Mecklenburg County}

On this 7th. day of February 1855, old Mrs. Susanna Alexander aged Ninety six years, personally appeared before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid—And after being duly sworn in form of law, saith that she was born on the 24th. day of December 1759, has quite a distinct recollection of many occasions of the Revolutionary War, particularly those that were acted in this County, her husband John Alexander and her Father James Alexander were both in said war (she was then married) and ^she^ now draws a pension for her husbands services—She was well acquainted ^with^ Charles Polk, who was a distant relation of her Father, he was a Captain in the Revolution and served a long time, but how long she does not know, Deponent knew all the prominent ^men^ of Mecklenburg County during the Revolution, either personally or by reputation, she felt a very deep interest in ^the^ cause of the Whigs of that day

She was instrumental in saving the life of Genl. Joseph Graham ^Father of Ex. Secretary Graham^ who was cut down by the British near her Fathers house, She and her mother dressed his wounds and concealed him until he was able to go home, she then piloted him along by way through the woods until he got to a road that led to his mothers—Sworn to and subscribed the day above ^written^


Susanna X Alexander


Before Elam Hunter
and Wm. Davidson J.P

State of No. Carolina
Mecklenburg County}
I William Davidson An Acting Justice of the peace for said County Do hereby Certify that Susana Alexander who signed the Within Affidavit is an aged respectable woman lives in this neighbourhood & on the same plantation where she lived during the Revolution, & retains in a remarkable degree Her mental & physical faculties & is a Consitant Witness & entitle to Credit, and from my own Knowledge of Capt Charles Polk & what I have Heard, That the Statement of Mrs. Alexander is Strictly Correct. Capt Chas Polk lived & died In this County, before the Revolution & no doubt from Informations nearly all the War in service.

Given under my own Hand, aged Seventy six years.

WmDavidson J.P.

February 7th. 1855

State of North Carolina
Mecklenburg County}
I. W. K Reid Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions held for said County, do Certify that Wm Davidson whose Signature appears to the foregoing Certificate, is an acting Justice of the peace in and for Said County, duly Commissioned and Sworn, and that the Signature purporting to be his is genuine.

In testimony where, I have hereunto Set my name and affixed the Seal of Said Court, at office in Charlotte this 7th day of February AD 1855

W. K Reid Clerk of
Mecklenburg County Court