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Name Type
T. A. May

Resident of Elon College, North Carolina, in August 1920

T. D. Tyson

Resident of Bryson, N.C. in 1919

T. Pelham
Tallassee Power Company Company
Tanners and Merchants
Texas B. Ritchie

Tried to establish a chapter of the KKK in NC in June 1919

Thaddeus Edward Vann

Born near Winton, North Carolina, on April 22, 1846. Vann was a planter and real estate dealer in Como, Hertford County, North Carolina.

Theodore Heflin Perry

Born July 13, 1867, in Chatham County, North Carolina. Perry was a farmer in the Hadley Township of Chatham County.

Thomas Alexander Tolliver

Thomas Alexander Tolliver, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on October 14, 1895. Tolliver was inducted into the army on July 15, 1918, a little more than a year after the United States' declaration of war on Germany. He served overseas with Company M of the 808th Pioneer Infantry from August 31, 1918 to June 22, 1919. Tolliver was honorably discharged from the service on July 3, 1919 with the rank of corporal.

Thomas Archibald Early

Born July 23, 1887, in North Carolina. Early was chief of police for the town of Badin, North Carolina, from April 1918 to October 1925. In 1919, he provided testimony in an investigation into the alleged abuse of laborers by the managements of Tallassee Power Company. In 1957, he retired with more than forty-five years in law enforcement under his belt, including eight years as the jail inspector for the State Department of Public Welfare.

Thomas Bouldin McCargo, Jr.

Born December 28, 1888, in Reidsville, North Carolina. McCargo voluntarily joined the North Carolina National Guard in May 1917, about one month following the country's war declaration on Germany. He was relinquished from the service by a surgeon's certificate of disability in July. The young man found another way to serve his country and state in their time of need, however, and in August 1918, he secured a commission in order to serve in the office of Gov. Thomas W. Bickett as the coordinator for the state's draft efforts. McCargo remained at the governor's side until all of the office's draft responsibilities were wrapped up, about May 1919.

Thomas Child
Thomas Davis Warren, Sr.

Born January 21, 1872, in Chowan County, North Carolina. A longtime resident of New Bern, Warren served one term as a senator in the General Assembly (1901-1903), one term as a representative in the same (1905), as chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Executive Committee (1914-1921), and one recess appointment as a U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District (1919-1920).

Thomas Dunbar

Colonel Thomas Dunbar

Thomas H. Battle

Resident of Rocky Mount in July 1919

Thomas J. Lamb

Born in Ireland in 1865. Lamb and his wife, Elizabeth Brown, an immigrant from England, were furriers and tailors in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving to Asheville, North Carolina, in 1916. In September 1918, Lamb had a psychotic break, threatening to kill his wife and later attacking a man named Patrick McIntyre. In the wake of the attack, Buncombe County officials declared him insane but were unable to place Lamb in the any of the state asylums due to the fact that he did not meet the requirements for state citizenship. County officials became so desperate to be rid of Lamb that deputy sheriff Thomas R. Parker personally escorted him back to Baltimore and literally abandoned him in a tailor shop in the city before catching the train back to Asheville. Enraged, Baltimore authorities put Lamb on a train and sent him back to Asheville, where he was placed back into the county jail. The game of bureaucratic hot potato continued as county officials next tried to have him repatriated to Ireland, but as he had been out of the country so long--more than forty years--they refused to receive him. At this point, Lamb became known as "the man without a country" in newspaper reports that widely circulated the state. After three years of incarceration, Lamb was finally admitted to the State Hospital at Morganton. It took a special act of the state legislature to make it happen. He died there in 1934.

Thomas J. Lambe

Born May 6, 1851, in Chatham County, North Carolina. Lambe owned and operated a popular clothing store in Durham, North Carolina.

Thomas Jefferson Shaw

Born March 5, 1861, in Montgomery County, North Carolina. Shaw served as a superior court judge for thirty years. Greensboro was his home.

Thomas Lester Johnson

Born April 14, 1856, in Buncombe County, North Carolina. During World War I, Johnson served as chairman of the Robeson County Exemption Board, No. 1. A lawyer by training, Johnson went on to serve as a state legislator, Superior Court judge, and solicitor of the 19th district.

Thomas Lonnie Conder

Born January 25, 1891, in Union County, North Carolina. Conder was a building contractor in Charlotte.

Thomas Lovick
Thomas M. Manous

Born June 21, 1883, in Anson County, North Carolina. Manous was a police officer and later jailer in Stanly County, North Carolina. In September 1919, he and other law enforcement officers attempted to turn back an angry protest at the gates of the Wiscassett Mills.

Thomas McKinley Hadley

Born November 22, 1897, in Alamance County, North Carolina. Hadley was a longtime employee of the L. Banks Holt Manufacturing Co. in Graham, North Carolina. During the influenza pandemic of 1918 and 1919, Hadley cared for many of his neighbors down with the flu, at great risk to his own health. In 1920, he provided testimony in the investigation of an attempted lynching in Alamance County.

Thomas Orell Ragan

Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on June 2, 1891. Ragan moved to Badin after being employed by the Tallassee Power Company in February 1918. In July 1919, he provided testimony during an investigation into alleged mistreatment and abuses by the Tallassee Power management.

Thomas Robinson
Thomas Sherlock, Lord Bishop of London
Thomas Walter Bickett

Served as governor of the state of North Carolina from 1917 to 1921.

Tuscarora Indians Organization
Tuskegee Institute Organization