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My Lords,

I have not had the Honour of any Letter from your Lordships since my last to you but by a Letter from Mr. Juveneal to the Committee of Correspondence here am told that His Majesty has been pleased to repeal the Court Bills, but no Letters upon it are yet come to my hands.

I have had a strong Struggle with the Assembly to obtain an Aid to His Majesty upon Ld. Egremont's Letter, but to no purpose, they were as obstinate as Mules, so that after two short Prorogations to give them time to reconsider and reflect upon their Proceedings, which you will see by the Speeches Addresses and Answers I made which I herewith send your Lordships, I with some Resentment dissolved the Assembly, and have appealed to their Constituents for their Behavior. I have also upon the Resolution the Assembly agreed to of a pitiful & scanty Allowance of a few Men to garrison the forts, have sent you the unanimous Resolution of the Council upon it, as also upon their Denial of raising 134 Recruits for the Regulars, the Quota fixed upon this Province by Genl. Amherst by His Majesty's Orders, and as no Money has been raised by the Assembly, I have upon their Resolutions advanced my own Money to raise the Recruits with Expedition, and as the Assembly would not apply the Money in the Agents hands in England. I have drawn for the Value upon the Agents in London, which I hope His Majesty will approve of and direct them to pay—I have also upon these Resolutions given out Commissions to raise a Company under proper Officers to garrison the forts, and have added 15 Men to the Garrison of Fort Johnston where His Majesty's Stores and Artillery are kept and mounted, with proper Cloathing and Bounty Money to raise the Company without Loss of Time, which I propose drawing for as it shall become necessary to advance it—I shall send you the Journal of the no Session since they passed no Bills, as soon as I can get them from the Clerks, but have only time to send what I have now ready by the Express I send with my Dispatches to Lord Egremont and Sir Jeff. Amherst, which I send by Express to New York to be sent by the Packet.

In my last I recommended three Gentlemen to Your Lordships to be made Councillors upon there being Three Vacancies by the Death of two of the Members Mr. Swann and Dawson, but as George Moore one of those I mentioned declines being appointed, I do now add Colo. Hugh Waddell, who has behaved exceeding well in our Expeditions upon the Ohio and against the Cherokees, having Had the Command of our Provincials and is settled in this Colony to be added to Colonel Wm. Dry and Robert Palmer Esqr. our Surveyor General whom I before recommended.

I am with great Respect

My Lords

Your Lordships

most obedient and

most humble Servt.

Arthur Dobbs

North Carolina.
Letter from Govr. Dobbs dated 30th. of April 1762 acquainting the Board that he had dissolved the Assembly upon their refusal to grant an Aid to His Majesty and his proceedings thereupon.

Read May 3. 1763.