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Gov Bicket

I heard you make your Patriotic Speech at Chimney Rock July the 4th, was well pleased when you gave 60 days off to the Prisoners who have worked so hard to build our Road, worked in all kind of weather, Now Governor cant you go farther and Parole the Prisoners send the able bodyed men to France and save all of our boys that we can at home save will you [illegible] if you can I have two Boys one in France the other garding [illegible] I would rather see him and the Prisoner sholder ther muskets and start for Bill Kaiser than to see them start to build Roads we can do with-out Roads Old Bill must be whopped and it will take man Power, send all able bodyed Prisoners to front send Bosser. Send guards Send them all. Those Prisoner who: are old not able to make sauldier are badley needed at home to make bread


P. S. I received your Commission for Register of Edney Sills Precinct