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His Majesty having been pleased to order the Peace to be proclaimed, in the usual manner, on Tuesday last, I have the King's Commands to transmit to You herewith inclosed the Proclamation issued on that Occasion, & am to signify to You His Pleasure, that You cause the same to be published in all the proper Places within Your Government, to the End that all His Majesty's trading Subjects do take Notice of his Royal Will and Pleasure therein, and conform themselves thereto accordingly.

I am &ca.


A like Letter was wrote to the following Govrs. Bahama Islands, Bermuda, New Hampsh., Nova Scotia, Govr. & Compa. of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, So Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, Pensilvania, Georgia, Louisbourg, Massachuset's Bay, No Carolina, Newfoundland, Quebec, Montreal, Trois Rivieres.