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John McMurray Gunner belonging to the Garrison of Fort Johnston on Cape Fear River being of full Age and Duely Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God Diposeth and saith that after Colonel Waddle had left the Command of Fort Johnston where Capt. John Dalrymple was a prisoner Confined to a room in the Barrack by his Excellencys orders the Command was Left with Serjant Taylor and About a Month after which was on or about the 14th day of Decr. 1762 as he this Deponent was going to fire one of the Nine pounders in order to Answer a Vessell that fired at Sea agreable to a law of this Province and by order of Serjant Taylor Capt. John Dalrymple came to the Door of the Barrack and said to him this deponent how dare you fire one of my guns and Called him this deponent a Rascal and Scoundrel and that he would discharge him this deponent from the Fort and this deponent sayeth that the Next Morning about Sun Rise he Broke his Arrest by Coming out of the Room in which he was Confined and on the Platform where he this deponent was Standing and told this deponent that he discharg'd him from his Majestys Service and that he this deponent should not Continue one Moment in the Service and ^ordered^ him this deponent out of the Fort, and that on or about the first of January 1763 Mr. Michael Sissholt Commanded at Fort Johnston and Confined Capt. John Dalrymple again to a room by an order from his Excellency with a Centry over him to present his Breaking his Arrest again when Mr. Sissholt went up to Wilmington to over look the Stores, Capt. John Dalrymple passed the Centry and Came to the part of the Barrack where he this deponent occupied, and told him the said Deponent that he would not be Confined to a Room by any Man and afterwards he Came Constantly out and walked the platform Contrary to his Excellencys orders, and often came out of his Room ^and^ laid hold on the Masters Vessells that Came into this River & to the Fort to get a bill of Health and hauled them into his Room and Administered the Oath Appointed by Law for that purpose and receiv'd the fee, Swearing by God that no man Should take his property from him, & this deponent Sayeth that afterwards Captain John Paine Commanded ^at^ Fort Johnston who told him the said Deponent that his Excellency had Changed the said John Dalrymples Arrest to his own House in the Country about fifteen Miles from Fort Johnston & that he had Acquainted the said John Dalrymple with His Excellencys orders and desired him to get ready in four Days at which time he would wait on him in order to Carry him and his Furniture to his Sd. House in the Country where he was order'd to be still under an Arrest but this Deponent sayeth that when Capt John Paine went to the door of the room where the said John Dalrymple was he Called to the said John Dalrymple to open the door upon which the said John Dalrymple made answer out of one of the windows and asked the sd. Paine what he wanted, to which Capt. Paine told him he wanted him to goe out of the Fort with him to the place where his Excellency had order'd him upon which the said John Dalrymple Fired one of his Postols through the window at the said Capt John Paine who stood pretty Close & also opisite the said window and further this deponent saith not

John McMurray

Sworn to before me this 17th day of Septr. 1763

John Davis Junr. J. P.